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#3728436 Jan 10, 2011 at 01:22 PM
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Let this be thread for all Kind of GT tactics
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#3728439 Jan 10, 2011 at 01:23 PM
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Ok for killing Zalmar we're gona need some tactics and concentration from all raid members. This boss battle is basicly a healer battle.

I got some tips from Shire from Legends for healers. You should have at least 12 raid members under perpetual healing for the entire duration of the fight. You should have all mana regen items that you can have on you. You shouldn't use circle of healing because it's too mana consuming. We shall have wardens and summoners seperated in partyes so they can off heal with aoe heals while the aoe rain is falling.

Now for the battle itself. We need to be positioned around the boss like this:

Every 30 sec an aoe rain starts to fall and falls for around 15-20 sec. When it starts ALL raid members need to go under the boss because we get a buff that gives us lower dmg from the aoe if we're near eachother. As soon as the aoe stops we ALL need to go back to our positions. The boss gives random raid members a debuff circle that dmges other raid members that wander in it, that's why we need to be positioned in the given way. The debuff goes away when the aoe starts.

Zalmar gives a dot on the tank that after around 30 the tank can't stand anymore, that's why wer'e gona have 3 tanks changing aggro in a row. And I'll be in the 4th spot for tanks if we get to some worst case scenario.

Here's a video from some russians killing Zalmar, I would sugest all to watch it at least once:

What I need from the other guilds is to give me the names of the people that will come so I can arange the groups so all know their positions before we start. I'll start forming the raid arond 23:00 CET. If all goes as planed we'll get that bastard and get a few more legendaryes.
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#3728614 Jan 10, 2011 at 02:02 PM
#3728439 MedaSM wrote:

The boss gives random raid members a debuff circle that dmges other raid members that wander in it

If u got chained, no panic, nothing happen.

If u are running near a mate and he get chained....ouch! Fuck dmg!

If u are running near a mate and both you and him get chaineds....BOOM both (healers keep your shield for that i suggest)
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